Saturday, December 26, 2015

EPL! Man City 4-1 Sunderland Highlights Goals Video Scorecard

 December 26, 2015

Today on 26/12/2015 in the Englisgh Premier League series match was played between the Sunderland and the Manchester City. Man city played very well in this game. they score 4 goals and sunderland scored just one goal. Here you can watch match highlights, full goals video, details and summary with full scorecard.

In the First Half man city scored 3 goals back to back. Raheem Sterling scored 1st goal at 13' minute and after this Yaya Toure and Wilfried Bony scores two other goals at 17' and 22' minute of the match respectively. at the half time match score was Man City 3-0 Sunderland.

In the Second Half City didn't stop scoring goals Kevin de Bruyne scores 4th goal for their team. on the other hand sunderland scores just one goal at 59' minute, Fabio Borini scores this goal. Man city won this match by 4-1 score.

Match Score & Details
Manchester City 4 - 1 Sunderland
half-time:(3 - 0)

13' 1 - 0 Raheem Sterling
17' 2 - 0 Yaya Toure
22' 3 - 0 Wilfried Bony
54' 4 - 0 Kevin de Bruyne
59' 4 - 1 Fabio Borini

Raheem Sterling , Yaya Toure , Wilfried Bony Goals Video Against Sunderland